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1. Create and manage your app

Use our easy drag-and-drop tool to add pages to your app and upload all of your contents either manually or automatically via RSS feed, social networks and websites. Feel free to refresh contents and layout any time you want and preview changes in real time!

2. Promote your app

Get ready to see your business grow thanks to the power of QR codes, app landing pages, social share and many other promotional tools to increase your app’s popularity while generating new revenues for your business.

3. Engage with your audience

Build a loyal mobile audience and engage with your customers in a more personal way through custom forms to collect new contacts; loyalty cards and geotargeted push notifications to deliver the right content, to the right people!


We've helped users to create more than
500,000 apps so far, guess why?

Reach all mobile devices

Using our panel you'll be able to create your customized app compatible with all the major mobile devices available on the market, including iPhone, iPad and Android. Oh, did I mention you won't need any coding skills?

Full control

No stress, no fuss: you can easily create, manage and promote your app using one single panel, while still focusing on the creative process. For that extra touch, customize your app credits and domain name to associate your app uniquely with your brand.

Real-time Previews

Feel free to refresh content and layout any time you want and preview changes in real time. For a fully satisfying mobile experience, test your app on all the major devices to optimize design and improve its performance.

100% Customizable

Make your app stand out from the crowd! Use your panel to customize your layout, menu, icons and background; upload your company logo and colours or just choose one of our ready-to-use templates.

Cloud system benefits

Make the most of our cloud-based services and enjoy the benefits of real-time updates! All of your contents and design settings are safely stored in the cloud so that you can edit your app anytime and push changes right to your users’ devices.

Content Management

Thanks to our topic-specific modules, organizing your app content will be a piece of cake! Whether you wish to promote your events, showcase your premises, introduce your staff or describe product details, all you have to do is drag and drop the selected module and import your content either manually or via RSS feed.

Mobile site

You can now migrate your website into an application in less than 3 minutes! Just update the content on your website and we'll automatically sync your articles, gallery and videos in your app. Going mobile has never been easier!

Monetize your app

Integrate shopping cart features and geotargeted couponing to turn your app into a gold mine for your business! From mobile commerce to advertising networks, we offer everything you need to capture new customers and generate extra revenues.

Measure your performance

Keep the pulse of your app’s rates and trends and get deeper insights on its performance. Thanks to our analytics panel, you will be able to break performance down by device, time and location to understand how effective your app is on different channels.

Live Support

We learn from your advice, that's why we're eager to listen from you to make our tool more and more effective and powerful. You can contact our customer care for any kind of trouble and join our free webinars to get hands-on training and be updated on our latest releases.


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  • iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML5

    One single tool to make your app available for iOS, Android, Chrome Web Store and HTML5 WebApp in the blink of an eye.

  • Brand your style

    Customize your app's look and feel by picking the layout that most suits your needs or create your own from scratch.

  • Live Analytics

    Monitor your real time analytics from a single panel to keep track of your app's performance and what needs improvement.

  • Monetize

    Monetize your app by selling it in the major stores and integrating mobile adv networks to boost client retention.

  • Safe hosting

    AppsBuilder offers you a safe hosting, where your data will be saved periodically and reset anytime in case of trouble.

  • CRM

    Know your customers and make them feel unique by improving communications, supporting them and anticipating their needs.

  • Offline content

    Enjoy the limitless reach of our apps fully working even in offline mode, without giving up on any of your app's features.

  • PDF Reader

    Turn your PDFs into appealing catalogues, brochures and magazines simply with a click.

  • Website integration

    Migrate your website and/or blog content to your app in just a click to sync all your comments, media and updates within your app.

  • Wall Chat

    Engage your users and allow them to exchange text messages on a shared wall.

  • Reselling

    Create top-notch apps with our white label program and save up on development costs while still keeping total control over brand.

  • API Set

    Hungry for more? Take advantage of our API sets to make your project development come true!

  • Form Generator

    Generate your custom forms to collect your users' details, manage mobile bookings and generate new leads for your business.

  • Native Maps

    Create your native maps to allow users to access maps right from your app and enjoy a more fluid user experience.

  • Facebook Tab

    Integrate your app tab inside your facebook page to promote your application among all your contacts in a non-intrusive way.

  • E-commerce

    Promote your products and services right into your app and allow your users to complete check out procedures just by tapping a button!

  • Coupons

    Generate in-app coupons to promote your shop’s special deals and geotarget them to reach your customers based on their location.

  • Widgets

    Implement your app’s functionalities with special widgets such as weather forecasts, route planner, calculator, currency converter and many others!


  • Create with no limits

    Create unlimited pages and set as many categories as you wish with one single panel. Creativity is limitless!

  • Cloud system

    All your content is safely stored on our cloud system. Refresh your content and layout anytime and preview changes in real time!

  • Free trial

    Not ready for commitment yet? Upload your content, create your app and test it for 14 days. All for free!

  • Source coding

    Customize pages 100% by writing your own HTML 5, CSS, Javascript source code to make your app truly unique!

  • Photos, music and video

    Bring your app to life by uploading photos, videos and music and let your users choose between standard and landscape view!

  • Submission support

    You won't be left alone when it comes to submitting your app to the desired stores. We provide support and tutoring in all the stages to simplify the process for you.


  • RSS Feed

    Add news, media, blog and audio feeds to keep your users always updated on your latest moves!

  • Social feed

    Integrate the major social networks to post comments and update status right from your app.

  • Push notification

    Send messages and real time updates to your users to communicate with them even when they're not using your app.

  • Geolocalization

    Create customized maps and improve user experience by delivering geolocalized services to your users.

  • QR Codes

    Increase your app popularity through QR codes to customize your printed marketing material and make it interactive.

  • ADV Networks

    Get new revenue streams with your app by joining the major mobile advertising networks, such as Adsense, inMobi and Mobfox.

  • Promotional Pop-up

    Create custom messages to deliver to your users upon opening your app, and keep them updated on the latest news about your brand.

  • Landing page

    Create your app’s landing page to spread the word about your app and advertise its functionalities to all potential users.

  • Mailing list

    Invite users to join your mailing list so they can be regularly updated on the latest news through your newsletters.

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